How could you go wrong with a Peach Eating Contest at Peach Fest?

This year’s contest, sponsored by Dr. Dustin Morrison from Palisade Family Health and Chiropractic and his family, will be held on Friday, August 17th  at 4:30 PM for kids and 6:30 PM for adults. The second round of contests will be held Saturday, August 18th at 12:30 PM & 2:30 PM for kids, and 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM for adults at Riverbend Park. The contest holds split grouped ages of 6-10, 11-15 and 16-20. Prizes are awarded for each group, winner takes all!

Rules? Winner must eat the peach in its entirety, down to the pit! In addition to registering for the Peach Eating contest at the PFHC tent, Dr. Morrison will give mini-presentations on the nutritional impact eating fresh, natural foods like peaches. Dr. Morrison will demonstrate how our body digests these foods to get the most out of what we are consuming.